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Temat: Interview with Flavio Goncalves
...the same exact words that George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon speak about Islam, accusing Islam of the same things that the system blames on him in all mainstream media, that’s treason and hypocrisy. We are anti-system but we use the same speech of the system? Do not cheat me, I wasn’t born yesterday. In Germany the NPD is having problems because it always worked closely with Muslims and Arabs and recently an Identitarian party whose sole message is one of hate against Islam is taking it’s votes away. The same is happening in France, Belgium and England: the Identitarians are the Trojan horses for Israeli Zionism and for American Capitalism. I’m widely hated for not being afraid of claiming this publicly, and I don’t care, this is the truth, pure and simple! Q: It’s common among the Spanish NR parties to speak about an Iberian alliance with Portugal, does the same happen in Portugal...

Temat: To nie jest szirk? w takim razie jak to nazwać?
...wa sallam) and had a son from one of them? What about the descendants of Hassan , the eldest grandson of the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam)? Don’t you think Ali and his pious descendants would be among the first to condemn these concepts of the Shee'ah scholars? COMPANIONS OF THE PROPHET (radiallahu 'anhum) The Ja'fari Shee'ah scholars claim that the first and the second guided Khaleefahs, Abu Bakr and Umar (radiallaahu 'anhum) plotted against Islam and tried to eliminate the hadeeth so that they could interpret the Noble Qur'aan in such a way as to serve their purposes. The Shee'ah scholars also claim that the three first guided Khaleefahs ‘Broke their covenant with the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) and changed his Sunnah’. They divide the thousands of the Prophet’s companions into three categories; · · The...